SIMPLE digital asset application platform is operated by Calforce Holding Limited. SIPC.VIP serves as an important platform for the SimpleChain ecosystem and a gateway to the new infrastructure in the new digital economy. SIPC.VIP provides digital asset management services for users around the globe. So far, SIPC.VIP has set up nodes in multiple countries/regions including Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, zPoland and Hong Kong.

SIMPLE Ecosystem

SIMPLE blockchain ecosystem integrating multiple SIMPLE tools and various business forms.


Years of experience in digital asset services. Professional decentralized architecture and anti-DDOS attack system.

Real-time Support

24*7 online customer support with fast and efficient responses.

Risk Control

Bank-level user data encryption, dynamic identity verification, and multi-level risk control to ensure security.

Website & App

Multi-Chain Wallet

Multi-level protection to ensure the security of digital assets on both the main chain and sub-chains of the SimpleChain ecosystem.

A decentralized, easy-to-use wallet with a focus on user experience and a high level of security ensured by multi signature.


Keep up with the latest development of the SimpleChain community, cutting-edge information of the blockchain industry, and research reports by industry experts. A fund has been set up to encourage submissions and contributors.

Application Ecosystem

Applications in multiple areas including judicial system, tracking and tracing, e-commerce, social networking, entertainment and gaming.

Applications in forms of DApp, App and H5 web page are all supported. New partners with the aspiration to bring the blockchain technology into the real economy are welcomed.


SimpleChain merchandise and SimpleNode X1 available at great prices.

Merchandise include mascot mouse pad, flash drive, baseball cap and blockchain learning package "Chain Box".